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Ahi no se ve mucho, porque iba manejando. Pero si, eran las de la mañana y yo ya iba camino al trabajo. Y pues ya que. Baina prestatu nuen erantzun digu: antiterrorism legea.


Honen bidez eskuz hauen helburu nagusia "terroristei" 9 gisa epaitzeko,, Catamarca en egindako muntaia. Hau nola "aurrerakoi" nazio eta herri begira ohia "naziak" erresumaren goitik behera Dena usain txarra sistema kapitalista: klase nagusiak, gidatzen duen errealitatea, beren egoera, legeak, etab. Esparru honetan, epaileak ez da salbuespena. Hau da, nola Concordia epaile baten beren oporrak eta bere lankideek gainetik jartzen 11 urteko neska baten bizitza, haurdunaldia bortxaketa Legea argia da: haurdunaldi bat bortxatzen eratorritako aurretik ospitalean, abortua aukera eman behar du.

Baina badakigu ipuina: espiritu krudel eta etika eza argi eta garbi utziz, misogyny eta sadistic hauek duten ezaugarria, epaile arduratuko dira egoera nahita atzeratu da gehiegi esku-hartze amaierara arte.

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Emakumeen lege-murriztapenak are gehiago, orduan gazte bat bortxatzen biktima ezin duten, haurdunaldia bat fisikoki edo mentalki aurre egiteko! Gabe, gure gorputzaren inguruan erabakitzeko eskubidea izan behar du, baina kasu honetan bakarrik eskatzen dugu behartu lege hori badago lehendik ere On lan aurrean, baina, ziur langile daude egiteko pneumatikoen ofizialean, errealitatea da egia beste, gertaerak, ez Intervenciones oinarritzen da, burgesiaren interesak dira, leun eta besterik gabe. Ezinbestekotzat da erakundearen sakontzea da dugun guztia egin dugu gure indarra duten burgesiaren helburua gure bizitzak kostua gorde politika guztietan aurre egiteko.

Ezin dugu utzi etsaiari gure etorkizuna eta gure seme-alaben. As if this were not enough and to continue aligning with imperialism, the ambassador of Argentina declared intention of prosecuting the Iranians accused of AMIA bombing and the embassy of Israel. If we consider that the only thing on the global agenda of the U.

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Following the favors to big business, the government of the bourgeoisie does not apply the law of oil companies operating in the country passed unanimously in 2. With this law, firms operating in Argentine territory can not collaborate or work in the Falklands.

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However, they could do most of the mining companies already operating in Argentina, the main beneficiaries of government measures after the banks. To maintain the "coherence", also enter the British bank Barclays who participated in the negotiated "debt reduction" ONLY Argentine bank in as Argentina's debt that stood in the market But the rhetoric of the government, only the rhetoric, is strongly at odds with England, as a dog that barks but bites or by chance.

If there is a real national interests clash, the Argentine government should cut off economic relations with Britain. Is far from curbing "colonialism" today for the simple reason that the media theme of the islands is a smokescreen to distract us from our pressing problems: inflation, wage increases timed and the quality of defense manifested life across the country in demonstrations against polluting mining with cyanide. The background, apart from the pollution of our water, air and soil, is the looting of our resources and human life itself.

But they are determined and desperate and do not mind our quality of life, even our life itself. They want to pass over us, but all the villages along our mountains are giving ample evidence of not being willing to let them pass over 3, 4. Not for nothing as a governor Beder Herrera, who became governor railing against mining-polluting and in tune with the policy that the national government showed when he vetoed the law on protection of glaciers, quickly turned in favor of multinationals mining, by making us stupid and tries to convince us that mining does not pollute 5.

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Far beyond was the governor of San Juan, José Luis Gioja, to brand us as "Nazis" to all who are opposed to these undertakings of finance capital 6. What a surprise! Right now we come to find out that the Nazis are the ones who organize to oppose the exploitation, pollution and the plundering of the most concentrated, international capital rather than its guarantee through its policies. In the same vein, the President insists on trying to divert our attention to the issue of Malvinas when he declares: "I did not hear any environmental NGOs criticize what is done in Falkland" 7.

Of course I did not listen, because I was not careful, neither is "NGO" or are "environmentalists" who speak out against mining pollution, such as to minimize conflict arises, it is the people themselves to across the country which mobilizes and claims against the devastation mining.

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But despite all the popular opposition, the party continues for miners. In Mendoza, the governor of the FPV brand, Francisco "Paco" Perez, who was attorney for the Barrick Gold mining director appointed as a former "colleague" business operator 8. In full agreement with the multimillion-dollar business of looting our country, one turns, the other appointed officials related to mining multinationals, other brands us as Nazis and the president dismisses us with a chicane, true acts of arrogance and political blindness that sooner rather than later, will bring consequences to a government that turns a deaf ear to the demands of his people.

But I had prepared the answer for us: the antiterrorism law.

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With it in hand seek to judge as "terrorists" 9 to the assembly held in Catamarca. This is how the "progressive" national and popular treat former "Nazis" in the kingdom upside down Everything smells bad in the capitalist system: the ruling class, the reality that drives us, their status, laws, etc.. In this framework, the judiciary is no exception. This is how a judge in Concord puts above their holidays and their colleagues to the life of a girl of 11 years, with a pregnancy resulting from rape The law is clear: before a pregnancy resulting from rape the hospital must give the option of abortion.

But we already know the story: in a cruel and leaving a clear lack of ethics, misogyny and sadistic spirit that characterizes them, judges are responsible for delaying the situation until it is too late for intervention. Women should have the legal right to decide about our own body without restriction even more so when it comes to a young rape victim who can not physically or mentally cope with a pregnancy!

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On the labor front, although in the official tire of making sure they are with the workers, the reality is another truth, the one based on facts, not speeches, are the interests of the bourgeoisie, smooth and simply. It is imperative that we deepen the organization and we do everything in our power to resist all policies with which the bourgeoisie seeks to save the cost of our lives.

We can not leave to the enemy our future and our children. Refresh comments list. Objetivo suscriptor s!

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