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I could not believe it because I had wanted this SO bad for so long! Later that night I made a nice dinner and gave Alfonso a gift bag with the two tests. I wish I had that video but with my luck it got deleted. Thank you Vitafusion for choosing me as your Brand Ambassador. Also, thank you to Target on Hampton for being so wonderful in locating all the supplies También es un nutriente clave para la formación de glóbulos rojos y el mantenimiento del sistema nervioso central, incluido el cerebro y la médula espinal.

Vienen envasadas en una botella de unidades. Into taking care of myself from inside out with some good vitamin supplements This has mcg Biotin 90 mg Vitamin C and 60 IU Vitamin E Infused with natural raspberry flavor. Gluten free. Excellent hair, skin and nails gummy supplement. Blown away at beautycon with my bestie ale! And they are NOW on sale target!! Vitafusion MultiVites Gomitas Dale a tu vida esa nutrición y energía extra que necesitas en tu día a día. Cuidarse sabe bien. Proporciona una fusión de vitaminas esenciales, minerales y sabores de frutas naturales en una deliciosa gomita.

Wake up refreshed! Las vitaminas para adultos ya llegaron con Vitafusion, son de Fruta Natural y Calcio en presentación de gomitas. BodegonLaNuevaEra Bodegon caracas chuao dondecomprar vitafusion vitafusioncalcium vitafusiongummy. Hechas de una fusión de vitaminas esenciales, minerales y sabores de frutas naturales. The whole European painting, for three centuries and more, from until , will reproduce the world accurately, and naturally, as faithfully as possible, in three dimensions, on this flat surface, that is a wall or a table. A successful painting is one that gives the most perfect illusion of reality.

The story will change on this point, with modern art, and with its romantic premisses, in the s and subsequent. Before even the photograph appear. You can count Bekins to provide the the most comprehensive services and the best customer relations in the entire metropolitan area. While a new family is moving into the Driftwood Club, another, unwelcome guest is setting up residence in the parking lot.

Wales captured on 35mm colour film, went old school to see how different it was compared to our digital images that we so take for granted too much sometimes. I think the grainyness adds a little something that i did not see before not sure if it the film or the camera lens. Andaba yo "apacharringada" en el cesped del parque con unos amigos, para ser exactos éramos cuatro, y dos reflex, la canon D y la nueva adquisición, nikon D, cuando en la tranquilidad del momento observo este pequeño detalle, asique aqui lo teneis :.

View On Black the way it should be seen! Carlo Dolci La Vierge au Lys. The Madonna of the Lys. Montpellier Musée Fabre. Pendant des millénaires, en Europe, et dans toutes les civilisations, "le Beau" a été un but et un critère de l'Art, notamment en peinture. De l'époque médiévale à l'Art Moderne, l'artiste a toujours eu pour finalité le Beau. Même quand il entendait peindre une situation dramatique, ou horrible comme les événements de la passion du Christ Retable d'Issenheim ou l'Enfer Bouts, Bosch.

Comme l'a écrit Mikel Dufrenne dans un article de l'encyclopédie Universalis, le Beau est défini par trois critères, que l'on dira objectifs : L'opinion des élites, l'opinion commune de la population, le temps. Une excellente définition, pratique, pragmatique, qui ne se noie pas dans les concepts abstraits, la recherche d'une Essence du Beau, et utilise un langage parfaitement compréhensible.

Ces définitions laissent bien sûr la place à l'opinion individuelle et aux goûts de chacun. C'est un quatrième critère, plus subjectif, qui varie en fonction des individus. Telle oeuvre peut procurer du bonheur à telle personne, et pas, ou moins, à telle autre. Mais d'une part le but essentiel de l'artiste était de procurer un bonheur à son public, et ce bonheur était ressenti par une majorité d'hommes de milieux différents. L'attitude totalement relativiste qui consiste à dire qu'il n'y a pas de critère du Beau, et que tout est affaire de goût personnel, est fausse, par excès, et par méconnaissance des réalités historiques établies.

Il est vrai qu'il n'existe pas de définition, abstraite, philosophique du Beau. Il semble que les grands philosophes aient tous échoué dans toutes leurs tentatives pour en une proposer une. Il n'existe pas non plus de définition mathématique du Beau. Il est donc inutile de se casser à la tête à rechercher des définitions abstraites du Beau. Mais le Beau n'en existe pas moins. Le Beau est un fait d'expérience dont toute l'histoire humaine témoigne, dans toutes les civilisations.

Le Beau est un sentiment de satisfaction, une émotion positive, partagés par une large fraction d'une société, peuples et élites ensemble, cette conjonction est nécessaire, et confirmés par le temps. Carlo Dolci est un exemple de mise en oeuvre de cette définition pragmatique, pratique, du Beau. Il représente une sensibilité religieuse très populaire, mais son art est éminemment reconnu par les élites. En cela il se distingue des innombrables peintures, absolument médiocres, produites dans l'Europe catholique entre et pour orner les églises ou les intérieurs dévots: "L'art de Lourdes".

Tous ceux que la religiosité agace en premier lieu, mais aussi tous ceux qui sont réticents ou réservés vis à vis d'un art que l'on peut juger un peu trop doux, trop sucré, trop mièvre. En France on parle de "mignardise". Dolci est incontestablement encore plus "mignard" que Pierre Mignard For millennia, in Europe, and in all civilizations, "the Beautiful" was a goal and a criterion of art, particularly in painting.

From medieval times to Modern Art, the artist has allways had intented the Beautiful. Even when he intended to paint a dramatic situation, or horrible, as the events of the Passion of Christ Issenheim Altarpiece or Hell Bouts, Bosch.

As Mikel Dufrenne wrote in an article in the Encyclopedia Universalis, the Beau is defined by three criteria objectives: The opinion of elites, the common opinion of the population, the time. An excellent definition, practical, pragmatic, that does not drown in abstract concepts, the search for an Essence of Beauty, and uses an understandable language.

These definitions leave room to the individual opinion and tastes. As written also Mikel Dufrenne in the same article: "The work of art is imposed on all, with the strength of the evidence, to the delight of the beholder. Such work can bring happiness to such a person, and not, or less, to another. But firstly, the primary aim of the artist was to provide happiness to his audience, and this happiness was felt by a majority of men of different backgrounds.

The fully relativistic attitude of saying that there is no criterion of the Beautiful, and that everything is matter of personal taste, is false, by excess and by ignorance of the established historical realities. It is true that there is no definition, abstract, philosophical of the Beautiful. It seems that the great philosophers have all failed in their attempts to propose a definition of the Beautiful. There is also no mathematical definition of the Beautiful.

There is no need to break the head to search for abstract definitions of the Beautiful. But the Beautiful does exists nonetheless. The Beautiful is a fact of experience, which all of human history testifies, in all civilizations. The Beautiful is a sense of satisfaction, a positive emotion, shared by a large section of society, elites and peoples together, this combination is absolutely necessary, and confirmed by time. Carlo Dolci is an example of implementation of this pragmatic definition, practice, of the Beautiful. Carlo Dolci is a religious sensibility, a piety, very popular.

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But his art is highly recognized by elites. This Art of Dolci is distinguished from the countless paintings, absolutely mediocre, produced in Catholic Europe between and to decorate churches and devout interiors: "The art of Lourdes.

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All those who are irritates by the religiousness in the first place, but also all those who are reluctant or reserved against an art that one can judge a little too sweet, too preciousness, too cutesy. In France it is called "mignardise". This puffer is in the house because over the summer my husband, myself and the boy got whooping cough which was pretty awful.

Our GP thought it would be worth trying an inhaler to see if it would help. It didn't. But I remember that feeling of being unable to get a breath. So I thought I would try and create that feeling of needing oxygen, and the relief of an inhaler.

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Had a bit of trouble with my shoot today, I think that's partly because I had very little sleep last night and as such my creative juices have stopped flowing due to sheer exhaustion. Its almost 6am, I intend to call it a night after uploading this, visiting all your streams will just have to wait till when I get up in the morning.


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Anyway, as I continue with day four of my Boy Behind The Lens Series , I take you into my bedroom and introduce you to my bedroom buddy, my "puff". I actually have two inhalers both of which are asthma medication.

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Am supposed to take them regularly but I don't. I grew up having to deal with frequent asthma attacks but have pretty much outgrown it. The only instances where it will recur and bother me are when I get real sick with a flu for example or if I am with friends having fun and laughing for an extended period of time.

My allergies on the other hand are actually what bothers me more. Its come to a point that my EENT once told me I might have to leave the country to really get rid of all these allergies. Next month I intend to make it a priority to undergo some tests to determine what exactly my triggers are, I assume I am most allergic to dust and pollution.